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CPF is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing community pharmacy practice and patient care delivery through grant funding and resource sharing.
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Community Pharmacy Advocate

Community Pharmacy Advocate is a headliner section of the CPF Website designed to highlight pharmacy news … underscoring health policy and public health issues impacting pharmacy in the political, legislative or regulatory arena. This section does not advocate any specific issue or legislation. This is the role of state and national pharmacy associations which pharmacists should support.  This feature section of the CPF Website highlights in condensed fashion issues impacting public health and pharmacy practice.

CPF is not an advocacy organization nor a professional membership association. CPF is a foundation providing funds/awards to community pharmacists, colleges of pharmacy and health care organizations working with community pharmacies to advance patient care services. These CPF-funded grants are designed to provide other community pharmacists a template on how to duplicate these expanded services in their pharmacy practice.


Pharmacists and pharmacists’ patient care services are not included in key sections of the Social Security Act (SSA), which determines eligibility for health care programs such as Medicare Part B. In the case of Medicare Part B, the omission of pharmacists as listed providers limits Medicare beneficiaries’ access to pharmacists’ services in the outpatient setting. Other health care professionals who are listed as providers in Part B of the SSA include physicians, physician’s assistants, certified nurse practitioners, qualified psychologists, clinical social workers, certified nurse midwives, and certified registered nurse anesthetists. In addition to providers, Part B provides the list of medical and other health services covered.

Organized pharmacy is advocating for correction of this oversight by CMS as evidence of H.R. 4190 in 2014 and now bipartisan support of legislation in both congressional chambers as of January 2015 - H.R. 592 and S. 314 of the Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act. 

Current information available at:



Some believe that collaborative practice agreements are necessary in state pharmacy practice acts in order to “collaborate.” Others believe this cooperation or collaboration can occur between willing and authorized health care providers on its own accord, much like in hospitals through a policy & procedure referenced as “standing orders.”

In other instances some state pharmacy practice acts have become so littered with details that scope of practice matters and definitions can often be “limited” by the very expansion authorization.

Regardless of your position on this very important discussion topic within the pharmacy profession  - and between health care professionals such as physician and advance practice nurse groups, the following is for consideration as so-called “model legislation” for a state pharmacy practice act implemented by regulation or legislation” –

DRAFT: Suggested Comprehensive Medication Management Services (CMMS) Legislation-

The following is provided to CPF by noted healthcare consultant Terry McInnis MD, MPH - President Blue Thorn, Inc - who works clients at the federal and state level on policy issues related to CMM and pharmacists ( 
This should not be considered legal advice and must be considered in the context of existing state legislation.)


The following websites provide additional information and details of community pharmacy advocate activities –


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