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The following articles have been made available through the Community Pharmacy Foundation, of which a number have been featured at the top. If you find a link to any of the articles shown below no longer exists, or would like to recommend a resource for this section, please contact us.

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The Community Pharmacy Foundation has funded 31 CPF Grants related to Profession.
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Selected Prominent Articles »
- Implementing an integrated care management program in community pharmacies: A focus on medication management services
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2017 Mar - Apr;57(2):229-235
- Pharmacy characteristics associated with the provision of medication management services within an integrated care management program
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2017 Mar - Apr;57(2):217-221
- Continuous Medication Monitoring (CoMM): A foundational model to support the clinical work of community pharmacists
    Research in Social & Administrative Pharmacy 2017 Jan 2. pii: S1551-7411
- Strategies for community-based medication management services in value-based health plans
    Research in Social & Administrative Pharmacy 2017 Jan - Feb;13(1):48-62
- Influences on the frequency and type of community pharmacy services
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2017 Jan - Feb;57(1):72-76
- Stimulating comprehensive medication reviews among Medicare Part D beneficiaries
    American Journal of Managed Care 2015 Jun 1;21(6):e372-8

Other Articles »
- The ADAPT online education program: A tool for practicing pharmacists delivering patient-centered care.
    Journal of American Pharmacists Association 2017 Sep - Oct;57(5):601-607
- Strategies and steps fostering the success of medication management services in community pharmacies.
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2016 Sep-Oct;56(5):504-512
- Trends in Medicare Part D Medication Therapy Management Eligibility Criteria
    American Health and Drug Benefits. 2015 Jul-Aug;8(5):247-55.
- Making MTM implementable and sustainable in community pharmacy: Is it time for a different game plan?
    Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy 2015 Jul 30
- Building Community Pharmacy Work System Capacity for Medication Therapy Management
    INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy 2012, Vol. 3, No. 3
- Redefining the role of the pharmacist: medication therapy management
    Journal of Rural Health 2012 Sep;28(4):425-30
- Medication therapy management in community pharmacy practice.
    Medicine and Health, Rhode Island 2012 Sep;95(9):281-2.
- Positioning and integrating medication therapy management
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2012 Jan-Feb;52(1):12-24
- Generating demand for pharmacist-provided medication therapy management: identifying patient-preferred marketing strategies
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Associatioin 2009 Sep-Oct;49(5):611-6
- Ready, willing, and able to provide MTM services?: A survey of community pharmacists in the USA
    Research in Social & Administrative Pharmacy 2009 Dec;5(4):376-81
- Medication therapy management: its relationship to patient counseling, disease management, and pharmaceutical care
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2007 Sep-Oct;47(5):620-8
- Effect of local competition on the willingness of community pharmacies to supply medication therapy management services
    Journal of Health and Human Services Administration 2007 Summer;30(1):4-27
- Medication therapy management services in North Carolina community pharmacies: current practice patterns and projected demand
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2006 Nov-Dec;46(6):700-6

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