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CPF is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing community pharmacy practice and patient care delivery through grant funding and resource sharing.
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The following articles have been made available through the Community Pharmacy Foundation, of which a number have been featured at the top. If you find a link to any of the articles shown below no longer exists, or would like to recommend a resource for this section, please contact us.

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The Community Pharmacy Foundation has funded 11 CPF Grants related to Pharmacy Operations And Distribution.
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Selected Prominent Articles »
- Availability of drug information on community pharmacy websites in Tennessee
    International Journal of Pharmacy Practice 2017 Jun;25(3):244-247
- The impact of medication synchronization on quality care criteria in an independent community pharmacy
    Journal of the American Pharmacy Association 2017 Mar - Apr;57(2):236-240
- Interprofessional Approach to Increase Billable Care-Events in a Rural Community
    Innovations in Pharmacy 2017;8(1): Article 14
- Attitudes of Medicare-eligible Americans toward mail service pharmacy
    Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy 2013 Sep;19(7):564-72
- Barriers and facilitators to recovering from e-prescribing errors in community pharmacies
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2015 Jan 1;55(1):52-8
- Adoption of a biometric screening service in community pharmacies: a qualitative study
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2014 May-Jun;54(3):258-66
- An assessment of pharmacists readiness for paperless labeling: a national survey
    Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 2014 Jan-Feb;21(1):43-8
- Pharmacy technician-to-pharmacist ratios: a state-driven safety and quality decision
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2014 Nov-Dec;54(6):648-51

Other Articles »
- Assessing changes in third-party gross margin for a single community pharmacy
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2014 Jan-Feb;54(1):27-34
- How do community pharmacies recover from e-prescription errors?
    Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy 2014 Nov-Dec;10(6):837-52
- How do community pharmacies recover from e-prescription errors
    Research in Social & Administrative Pharmacy 2013 Dec 4
- Analyzing methods for improved management of workflow in an outpatient pharmacy setting
    American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy 2012 Jun 1;69(11):966-71
- Role of the pharmacist in preventing distribution of counterfeit medications
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2012 Mar-Apr;52(2):195-9.
- Comparing the cost of community pharmacy and mail-order pharmacy in a US retirement system
    International Journal of Health Planning and Management 2012 Jan-Mar;27(1):e41-50
- Organizational factors influencing pharmacy practice change
    Research in Social and Adminstrative Pharmacy 2011 Sep 27
- Exploring the impact of an automated prescription-filling device on community pharmacy technician workflow
    Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2011 Sep-Oct;51(5):613-8
- Association of prescription abandonment with cost share for high-cost specialty pharmacy medications
    Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy 2009 Oct;15(8):648-58
- Evaluation of Online Prospective DUR Programs in Community Pharmacy Practice.
    J Manag Care Spec Pharm, 2000 Jan;6(1):27-32.

International Articles »

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