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COMMUNITY PHARMACY RESIDENTSThe Community Pharmacy Foundation strongly supports the community pharmacy residency program administered by the national organizations. The CPF timeline cycle for grants does not fit the residency academic schedule. Accordingly the Foundation awards several Incentive Grants through the APhA Foundation to graduating pharmacy students applying for the residency program. A Grant Application submitted by a community pharmacy resident is therefore not approved as the timetable is not consistent with the program timelines. However, community pharmacy residents upon completion of their residency are encouraged to submit a Grant Application to continue and/or expand the project which was initiated during the residency.
DOLLAR AMOUNTThe dollar amount for each grant is without limit. However to date the average range has been approximately $35,000. Six digit grants have also been awarded but are usually considered “FOCUS GRANTS” and discussed in advance of submission since it would be expected they entail a very special opportunity and partnership, ordinarily with a health plan.
DURATIONMost grants are for a 12 month period. Once funded progress reports are submitted to the Grants Administrator prior to each Board meeting. Grants for periods of 18 and 24 months have also been awarded.
FOCUS GRANTYou may note a reference in the CPF Website about FOCUS GRANTS. What is this ? A term anointed by CPF, a FOCUS GRANT is one which has been discussed in advance with the staff of CPF or a Board member usually one requiring more than average funding and for which a cooperating partner has already been approached by the Principal Investigator or College (i.e. a health plan; another foundation; a pharmaceutical company). These also often include a dimension of matching funds from the partner organization.
GRANT PREPARATION ASSISTANCEIf you have never before prepared a grant proposal and have an idea for a new patient care service in your community pharmacy you may obtain grant preparation assistance by going to the Contact Us section of the CPF Website and indicating you would like such assistance.
INDIRECT COSTSSome universities may desire what is often referenced as “indirect costs” of some specified percentage of the grant amount. CPF does not fund budget proposals that include an indirect cost factor.
MULTIPLE GRANTSA Principal Investigator (“PI”) can be involved in more than one CPF Grant simultaneously, as well as may submit additional Grant Applications once a Grant Proposal is completed.
SUBJECT MATTERThere is no limit on subject matter within the Mission Statement of CPF. Also note the Grants Awarded section of Website for an example of the array of topics funded to date. Two essential criteria the Foundation Board utilizes in its decision-making process to award a grant are: IS IT TRANSFERABLE TO OTHER COMMUNITY PHARMACIES (it can be replicated); AND IS IT SUSTAINABLE AS A NEW ECONOMIC MODEL ? It is also worth noting that the Foundation does not typically approve a Grant Application for which other studies/projects reported in the pharmacy literature have already demonstrated its application and sustainability … such as the often-referenced “Ashville Study” involving focused pharmacists’ services for diabetic patients. However, the Foundation has considered “spin-off” grants whereby a study for the same services to a special population might be notable to justify funding (i.e. juvenile diabetes; a MTM services in a Medicaid population being applied to a private pay health care plan, etc). Furthermore, the Community Pharmacy Foundation cannot provide start-up funds or loans to open a pharmacy; or for the development of a product or service with a self-directed proprietary goal unless it would be made readily available at no charge to every pharmacy/pharmacist. Also the Foundation does not provide scholarship(s), for while such is a noble and notable purpose it is not within the charter of the Community Pharmacy Foundation.
THE GRANT APPLICATION & SPECIAL NOTESGo to this link to see what the CPF Grant Application entails. You will note the most vital components of the Grant Application are: Project Title / Goals & Objectives / Projected Grant duration / Estimated Grant Budget and general allocation thereof. In addition to Indirect Costs (see note above) the Foundation does not ordinarily fund capital expenditures (building or opening a business); equipment expenses; software or website development for programs already existing; startup of a system expected to operate on a for-profit basis
THE GRANT PROCESSThe opportunity to submit a grant application to CPF is a 24/7 proposition. In between each Board meeting (announced in the “NEWS” section) applications submitted online are considered by the Board. The deadline for each cycle throughout the year is announced at the bottom of the Homepage.
THE GRANT PROPOSALIf the Grant Application is approved a Grant Proposal will be requested prior to the next Board meeting. This link displays the criteria for preparation and submission of a Grant Proposal to CPF.
TWO STEP PROCESSThe CPF Grant Process is a two-step process. The first step, the Grant Application, is straight-forward and by design a relatively easy step to propose the topic, objectives and estimated budget and time duration. If this is of interest to the Board for possible funding, only then is a full Grant Proposal requested, for which the submission criteria is available at this link.
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