Washington State Special Project

The Community Pharmacy Foundation (CPF) is offering a new grant opportunity designated to support projects and programs within the state of Washington. The new funding opportunity was made possible by a generous gift from the NPS Hold Company. CPF will review applications for the Washington State Special Project annually with the first deadline for submission being October 31, 2023.

The Community Pharmacy Foundation will manage the Washington State Special Project with the same rigor and commitment to advance community pharmacy practice that it has for over two decades. Through this special project, CPF seeks to fund projects and programs in Washington State which:

  • Affirm the value of community pharmacy practice in the healthcare delivery system.
  • Document the value of professional services provided by community pharmacists to the patient.
  • Identify, test, scale, and promote successful transformation practices that embrace the delivery of quality pharmacist provided care.
  • Measure the impact of pharmacist interventions in achieving the targeted therapeutic goals set collaboratively by the patient, the pharmacist, and other members of the heath care team.
  • Evaluate patient specific outcomes with regard to the quality of care delivered by community pharmacists.
  • Include fair, equitable, and appropriate payment mechanisms for pharmacist provided services.
  • Enable timely and seamless access to data that can be utilized by community pharmacists to enhance patient care and demonstrate the value they bring to the healthcare system.
  • Capture and integrate the voice of the patient into the model of care.

Applications from Washington state submitted between August 1st and October 31st each year will be considered for funding through the Washington State Special Project. Applicants should submit a CPF grant application found here. CPF has a well-established, consistent process for accepting and reviewing grant applications and will utilize this same process for the Washington State Special Project. For more information on what CPF funds, please visit the FAQs page. Washington State Special Project applications will be reviewed by the CPF Board in November and approved applications will be invited to submit a full grant proposal for review in advance of the CPF Board’s February meeting.