What CPF Funds

The Community Pharmacy Foundation (CPF) was founded in 2000 to provide grant funding for projects and studies directly associated with community pharmacy practice and the advancement of patient care services by pharmacists. The CPF strategic plan guides the organization’s grant making to advance community pharmacy by supporting initiatives that align with the areas of strategic focus provided below. Essential criteria the board utilizes in its decision-making process to award a grant are: (1) is it or does it have potential to be financially sustainable; (2) is it transferable to other community pharmacies and non-proprietary; and (3) is it replicable in other community pharmacies.

However, CPF is looking for the next great idea to advance the practice of pharmacy in the community setting, and individuals are encouraged to apply regardless of a project's alignment with the strategic areas listed below. 

CPF and CPESN® USA have awarded the first cohort of transformation teams for a multi-year community pharmacy practice transformation program, Flip the Pharmacy (FtP). Flip the Pharmacy will award qualified Practice Transformation Teams with funding and resources to act as implementation arms for locally-based community pharmacy practice transformation efforts. To learn more about eligibility and applicant requirements, please visit www.flipthepharmacy.com.


Patient Care Best Practices

  • Focus on quality measures and the development of tools and resources to advance quality improvement in community pharmacy practice 
  • Increase consumer awareness of the value of pharmacists’ services 
  • Capture and integrate the voice of the patient into models of care 


Health Care Delivery Models

  • Payment and delivery reform
  • Real-time data integration, specifically as it relates to value-based compensation for pharmacist services/care (moving from volume to value) 
  • Expand pharmacists’ role in emerging and/or redesigned care delivery models
  • Attribution of pharmacist service outcomes in team-based care 


Provider Status

  • Advance national, state and regional provider status achievement 
  • Community pharmacy transformation leading to ‘coverage for’ and ‘access to’ pharmacists’ services


Future Practice

  • Prepare for value-based payment and provider status recognition


CPF does not typically approve grant applications for topics that have already been demonstrated in the literature or in practice. Several CPF grants are pilot or demonstration grants that develop into established patient care services or provide evidence to support submission for larger federal or foundation multi-year implementation grants. That being said, CPF has the ability to fund large scale projects given substantial collaboration with other partners and strongly demonstration of need by the profession.