The Community Pharmacy Foundation will be a catalyst for community pharmacists to engage in patient-centered collaborative care, resulting in a healthier population that values the pharmacist as an essential health care team member.


    The Community Pharmacy Foundation is an organization whose primary purpose is to assist community pharmacy practitioners by providing resources for research and development to encourage new capabilities and continuous improvements in the delivery of patient care.

  • Goals

    The Current Strategic Interests for the Community Pharmacy Foundation

  • The Community Pharmacy Foundation Will:

    Support the development, processing and use of findings that affirm the value of community pharmacy practice in the health care delivery system.

    Support the measurement, publication, and dissemination of findings documenting the value of professional services to the patient rendered by community pharmacists.

    Support efforts that measure the impact of pharmacist interventions in achieving the targeted therapeutic goals set collaboratively by the patient, the pharmacist and the other members of the health care team.

    Support efforts that evaluate patient specific outcomes with regard to the quality of care delivered by community pharmacists.