Grant Title: Protect Your Pharmacy Now
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2009
National Community Pharmacists Association
Alexandria, Virginia
Grant Category
Pharmacy Management & Ownership
Pharmacy Safety
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News Release | Brochure
NCPA has received an increasing number or reports about robberies and burglaries of pharmacies. Pharmacies are being targeted in particular for oxycodone and hydrocodone but also for non-prescription medications such as dextromethorophan and pseudoephedrine. We are concerned about the safety of pharmacists and their staff and of the patients patronizing these pharmacies. To address this alarming trend, we are creating a toolkit for independent community pharmacies that provides an informative 12 minute video describing the techniques robbers use to inspect the pharmacy before robbing it, how the pharmacy can help law enforcement, and how the pharmacy can protect itself. The toolkit also contains a pharmacy safety checklist to help the pharmacy manager inventory and implement preventive measures against theft, posters for the pharmacy to display describing the penalties of pharmacy robbery, and a brochure highlighting tips to prevent diversion. The toolkit contains discounts on CCTV. Law enforcement officials describe CCTV as one of the most valuable tools that pharmacies can have to assist them in capturing burglars and robbers. Many independent community pharmacies may not be aware of the affordability of these systems relative to the value they can provide. In the toolkit, we have screened CCTV options and provide those options to pharmacy operators. Rx Patrol, the Purdue Pharma sponsored initiative, has done extensive work in pharmacy robbery and we are collaborating with them in the development of the tool kit so the resources are complementary and there is no redundancy. We are also talking with the FBI about a joint press conference to kick off the release of the toolkit. CPFs logo would be included on the two pocket folder, poster, and brochure and it would be credited in all letters, press conferences, and announcements. In summary, with the White Houses announcement this month that it will be taking action to prevent the abuse of prescription drugs, we believe the goal of Protect Your Pharmacy Now matches up well and provides an opportunity for CPF to help pharmacy operators protect their business, their employees, and themselves and help to prevent the diversion of prescription medications to street drugs. Thank you for your consideration.
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  • Applicant:
    Douglas Hoey
    National Community Pharmacists Association