Grant Title: Pharmacy Ethics Online Information Center
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2007
Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sc
Dertoit, Michigan
Grant Category
Profession, Academics & Economics
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CPF Synopsis
I am looking for funding to pay someone, likely a graduate student, to organize, reformat and post to a website several years of final papers that I have my ethics students write for my pharmacy ethics class. My ultimate goal is to create a repository for pharmacy ethics knowledge from national and international pharmacy educational institutions to enable research and scholarly activities in this field. I have already secured a website and domain name for use on a server supplied by WSU. I will begin the process by organizing how I want the site to look like and develop the categories that the papers fall into. I need someone to put the papers into the classifications, re-format my digital files into web pages and get them posted to the server. I estimate that the student will be compensated at about 15 per hour and that this stage will probably take about 200 hours. With incidental expenses for cds and computer assisted learning time from our own IT people, I project that for this phase I will need 3000.00 I would like to have this site up and running by mid-May, 2007 or earlier. That will be just the beginning. I will invite my contemporaries at other pharmacy schools to have their students final papers published here. That will take some time because I will be filtering all submissions that contain un-publishable stuff according to University policy or that do not meet academic standards. The next phase will be to developing links to other pharmacy ethics research and publications. I have not projected these costs yet but that will be a separate function unrelated to the funding grant I am asking for. As for relevancy to community pharmacy practice, how to deal with ethical dilemmas, patient complaints and appropriate workplace standards are everyday questions community pharmacists face. What better place to go to look for help and guidance that a ethics website. A pharmacist facing a particular problem can access the site to find relevant information and maybe even some alternative options.
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  • Applicant:
    Jesse Vivian
    Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sc