Grant Title: Forging a Novel Privatepublic Payor-provider Partnership to Compensate Pharmacists for Quality-driven Standardized Levels of MTM Services
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2010
Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
Grant Category
Medication Management, Safety & Quality
MTM Services
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Publication (2014) | Poster | Report | Publication(2008)
J Am Pharm Assoc
The Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative WPQC, a group of eight health care payors and a diverse group of pharmacists, was formed in July 2006 by the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin with the goal of developing a new model for how payors and community pharmacies interact to provide pharmaceutical products and services to patients. The new model will 1 define and measure quality in community pharmacy practice 2 provide a standardized structure for non-product based pharmacy professional services, and 3 establish communication links between payors and pharmacies for patient management. The program is designed as a one year pilot project consisting of approximately 50 Wisconsin pharmacies and a group of health planspurchasers who are committed to increasing quality in pharmacy with the potential to expand the number of participating pharmacies and health care payors following the first year. Expected outcomes from the program are decreased health care costs, improvements in medication use and patient safety, increased patientprescriberpharmacist satisfaction, and the potential to increase payor internal quality accreditation scores. The program is expected to launch in November 2007.
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  • Applicant:
    Kari Trapskin
    Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin