Grant Title: Pharmacists 3-D Assessment - Drugs, Drowsiness Driving
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2007
Michigan Pharmacists Association
Lansing, Michigan
Grant Category
Medication Management, Safety & Quality
OTC Driving
Grant Docs
CPF Synopsis | Report | Article | Brochure | Announcement | Announcement2
This public awarenesseducational campaign will raise public awareness of the effects of certain medications both OTC and Rx on driving and will urge patients to contact their pharmacist to answer questions about prescription and OTC medications that can cause drowsiness. The program will feature the well-known and popular Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land as the spokesperson of the campaign. The program will be a two-phased program. Phase 1 will include the development of all of the communication tools - message in the different communications media billboard, radio, etc. - that will be used for a greater state-wide campaign. Phase 2 will include the launching of the program into one to three Michigan media markets. Following Phase 2, the Michigan Pharmacists Association will use the measured successes of the program in the media markets and begin solicitation of funds to continue the effort statewide. By preparing and producing the communications tools upfront, and demonstrating results in controlled test markets, it will give MPA the tangible results it needs to seek additional funding to expand the program
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  • Applicant:
    Larry Wagenknecht
    Michigan Pharmacists Association