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Outcomes Encounter Program Pharmacy Provider Orientation and Payor Marketing
Principal Investigator Patty Kumbera
Project Title Outcomes Encounter Program Pharmacy Provider Orientation and Payor Marketing
Grants Awarded Number 13
Status Grant Complete, 2004
Organization Outcomes Pharmaceutical Health Care
Location Des Moines, IA
Grant Category Profession, Academics & Economics
Keyword MTM Administration
Grant Docs CPF Synopsis
Objectives Outcomes Pharmaceutical Health Care Outcomes based in Des Moines, Iowa, was established in 1999 with the objective of creating the supply and demand for care-based pharmacy services. Since that time, the company has successfully developed and marketed its care-based pharmacy services programs to health care purchasers and pharmacy providers in Iowa, resulting in the documentation of over 25,000 pharmaceutical care interventions and the prevention of nearly one million dollars in avoidable health care costs. Outcomes seeks to collaborate with a technology production company to develop two CD-ROM media files: the first to train pharmacists on the provision, documentation, and billing of its covered care-based services-- and the second to market the program to payors on a national level. The pharmacist training media file will feature video clips of pharmacist-patient-payor testimonies, graphics, photos, computer screen examples, animation, audio narration and user interaction to increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of nationwide expansion. Through the CD-ROM format, pharmacy providers can be trained according to their own availability on most personal computers anywhere in the world. The payor media file will utilize much of the same footage as the pharmacist training file, only in a more condensed, payor-targeted format. Outcomes four years of operations in Iowa has demonstrated increased patient safety and decreased unnecessary health care expenditures through pharmaceutical care services. Outcomes seeks to expand this success outside the borders of Iowa through collaboration with practicing pharmacists and the Community Pharmacy Foundation.
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