Grant Title: National Pharmacy Benchmarking Project
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2007
American Pharmacists Association Foundation
Washington DC, Washington DC
Grant Category
Profession, Academics & Economics
National Survey
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The National Pharmacy Benchmarking Pilot NPBP will respond to the need for quality measures in pharmacy practice by documenting the structure, processes and outcomes being used by pharmacists in their new patient-centered roles, collaborating with other health providers to ensure patients get the best use of their medicines. Pharmaceutical care practices are growing and all ambulatorycommunity pharmacy segments are experimenting with new practice models. Numerous completed demonstration projects have documented the value of the pharmacist in these roles. The profession is strategically pursuing an agenda to support pharmacists care giving roles. Numerous organizations and individuals are experimenting with different ways to implement these practice models in ambulatory and community pharmacy. To date, however, while pharmacists have collected various types of information about their patient care processes and practices, there is no central clearinghouse where this information is processed and shared with researchers, practitioners and other stakeholders. Pharmacy needs more information about the practice structure and processes that lead to appropriate medication use outcomes. There is also little data collected to measure quality in pharmacy practice. There is a need for a national benchmarking survey that can document the structure, processes and outcomes associated with these emerging practices. Key stakeholders would be able to utilize the benchmark data and survey findings for a number of purposes.
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  • Applicant:
    William Ellis
    American Pharmacists Association Foundation