Grant Title: Expanding a Successful Program to Increase the Number and Quality of Services in Community Pharmacy
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Grant Complete, 2013
The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy
Columbus, Ohio
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Pharmacy Management & Ownership
Pharmacy Services
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The Ohio State University OSU College of Pharmacys Partner for Promotion Program PFP is an elective advanced practice rotation in which senior doctor of pharmacy students are paired with independent and chain community pharmacists. Over the one year four hours per week rotation, these teams develop and implement advanced patient care programs with the assistance of OSU faculty. In this way, the PFP program represents a true collaboration between the OSU College of Pharmacy and its community pharmacy partners to enhance the delivery of pharmacy services in the community. Since PFP was launched in 2004, 41 pharmacies have participated in the program. Approximately 60% of the services developed through the PFP continue to actively see patients today and the results of this innovative program have been presented at national pharmacy meetings. The PFP model of guided mentorship, shared resources, and community pharmacy service development has received significant interest from other colleges of pharmacy who wish to collaborate more closely with their community partners. The objective of this project is to implement and evaluate the PFP program in other colleges of pharmacy. Key PFP faculty at OSU will collaborate with counterparts at five other colleges of pharmacy to implement the PFP program model in their curricula and gather outcomes related to the success of the program. This expanded pilot will allow for current PFP program materials to be refined and formalized to create a turn key solution that can be easily adopted and implemented by other schools and colleges of pharmacy that wish to increase the number, quality, and financial viability of specialized pharmacy services provided by their community pharmacy partners.
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  • Applicant:
    Jennifer Rodis
    PharmD BCPS
    The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy