Grant Title: Collaborative Management of Pharmacogenomic Interactions in a Community Pharmacy
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2014
Raabe College of Pharmacy, Ohio Northern University
Ada, Ohio
Grant Category
Therapeutics, Diseases & Populations
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J Pharm Pract | Per Med

Recent literature has described the concept of clopidogrel non-responsiveness, or the condition where a patient may not be sufficiently protected against a subsequent myocardial infarction simply because of a drug-genome interaction in that specific patient. Despite the realization that clopidogrel may not be functioning as intended, little evidence exists as to what patients should do who are currently taking clopidogrel and who have never been tested for the interaction. Pharmacists are well positioned to provide education and genetic testing specific for this interaction during the course of a routine medication therapy management MTM appointment in the community setting and to make an appropriate recommendation to the prescriber. Through education and collaborative relationships with select area physicians, the researchers intend to select patients of these physicians for targeted post-myocardial infarction MTM to determine if clopidogrel is likely to be functioning properly. The objectives of this study are to 1 provide education to local physicians to describe the need for genetic testing to identify drug-genome interactions, 2 determine if pharmacist-directed MTM can help to identify drug-genome interactions between clopidogrel and CYP2C19, and 3 track physician receptiveness to a pharmacists recommendation.

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  • Applicant:
    David Bright
    PharmD RPh
    Raabe College of Pharmacy, Ohio Northern University