Grant Title: Promoting Community Pharmacy Services Through Development of an AcademicCommunity Pharmacy Cooperative Targeting High Risk Cardiovascular Patients.
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2016
The University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy, Knoxville Campus
Knoxville, Tennessee
Grant Category
Therapeutics, Diseases & Populations
Cardiovascular Risk Screening
Grant Docs
Report | CPF Synopsis
The aim of this pilot project is to examine the effect of targeted recruiting of patients at high risk for cardiovascular events from physician offices to those community pharmacies performing Medication Therapy Management and cardiovascular risk management services. Community pharmacies currently actively engaged in MTM and cardiovascular risk reduction services will be promoted by the College of Pharmacy to their 5 primary high volume prescription physicians offices. Faculty, including community pharmacist faculty, and pharmacy students will be trained and credentialed by the University of Tennessee Medical Center Noninvasive Vascular Lab in peripheral arterial disease screening by Ankle Brachial Index and will offer this cardiovascular risk screening measure as an incentive for referral of these high risk patients to the pharmacy. Once patients are referred for either screening, MTM visit, or both, patients will be consulted, screened and supervised students will perform the initial MTM consult and 2 subsequent follow-ups before deferring continued care to the pharmacy. The increase in referrals from the respective practices will be measured as well as disease and educational outcomes. Once proven successful, the process with be repeated at other community pharmacies and continued support will be given to participating pharmacies to continue ABI screenings as needed at selected intervals.
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  • Applicant:
    Anita Airee
    PharmD, BCPS
    The University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy, Knoxville Campus