Grant Title: Fostering Pharmacy Leadership Towards Achieving the IHI Triple Aim Goals
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2017
University of Washington and Washington State University
Seattle, Washington
Grant Category
Medication Management, Safety & Quality
Leadership, Students
Grant Docs
CPF Synopsis | Personal Strengths | Team Strengths | Project Guide | 5 Minute Pitch | Poster | Presentation | Poster | Leadership Curriculum Toolkit
Collaboration between the University of Washington and Washington State University to offer a comprehensive training program designed to help pharmacists implement patient care services that promote the IHI Triple Aim goals. Program topics will include: conducting an environmental scan and needs assessment, developing a program proposal and business plan writing CDTM agreements if necessary, implementing and marketing the service and evaluating outcome data. A good example would be increasing the capacity and reach of chronic disease management programs as suggested by Dr. Hershey Bell: http:www.pharmacist.comCEOBlogguest-blog-post-hershey-s-bell-md-dean-lecom-school-pharmacy. Leadership courses taught at the UW and WSU provide students with the skills necessary to support the community pharmacists participating in this program. These students through their IPPEs, APPEs, or internships will be partnered with the pharmacists above to support them in these efforts. Mini grants will be available to help launch the service, but a plan to help make the service self-sustaining must be developed as part of the mini-grant application process. The leadership development model curriculum and operational manual, will be available to any other states who would like to pilot this program in their own states.
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  • Applicant:
    Nanci Murphy
    University of Washington and Washington State University