Grant Title: Pharmacist Provision of Preconception Care Through Medication Therapy Management
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Grant Complete, 2016
Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy
Ada, Ohio
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Therapeutics, Diseases & Populations
Preconception care
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An important public health priority that can be addressed through MTM services is preconception care, the recognition and management of biomedical or behavioral issues that must occur before or very early in pregnancy to reduce risks to the health of a woman or her baby. Although it is recommended that all women of childbearing potential receive preconception care, current literature suggests that most patients are not routinely receiving the necessary education, counseling, or interventions. This project will examine the impact of pharmacists in providing 3 elements of preconception care to women of childbearing potential through the MTM framework as a targeted medication review: 1. providing drug therapy education to patients receiving category D or X medications and providing recommendations to prescribers for drug therapy modifications as appropriate, 2. educating patients about daily folic acid intake and recommending an appropriate product, and 3. counseling patients on hepatitis B vaccination and providing vaccination or contacting prescribers with requests for vaccination as appropriate. The results of the project will be disseminated via peer-reviewed literature with the intent of convincing payors to expand such services through existing business avenues in MTM payment. Also, as part of the project, an online ACPE-accredited continuing education program about preconception care will be developed for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. This program will be available for any pharmacist or technician to complete at no additional cost during the duration of the accreditation period.
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Ongoing Impact
3/19/2021 - Retrospective evaluation of preconception care opportunities in a chain community pharmacy setting. (JAPhA)  
Supporting Documents: Publication
7/15/2019 - Pharmacists Improve Public Health by Focusing on Women (Pharmacy Today)  
Supporting Documents: Article
6/18/2019 - Preconception care and contraception services: Opportunities for community pharmacists (JACCP Clinical Pharmacy Forum)  
Supporting Documents: Publication
  • Applicant:
    Natalie DiPietro Mager
    RPh PharmD MPH
    Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy

  • Team Member:
    David Bright
    Ferris State University