Grant Title: Pharmacy Transformation Initiative
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Grant Complete, 2017
Pharmacy Transformation Initiative
Lansing, Michigan
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Pharmacy Management & Ownership
Transformation, Replication
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CPF Synopsis
Unlike prior initiatives in pharmacy as it pursued expanded roles the external elements for a national movement exists this time around. Over the past several decades these movements have been given titles such as comprehensive pharmacy services, clinical pharmacy, disease state management and pharmaceutical care. Todays title is medication therapy management. MTM has a real opportunity to take hold on a national basis because several contributing factors somewhat external to pharmacy are prevalent and co-existent: CMS stars plan for Medicare Part D, likelihood for this to expand to private health plans, existence of well-established patterns of inappropriate use of prescribed medications and a senior population having several chronic diseases, changes in provider reimbursement strategies initiated by the ACA, and the electronic health record. The champions of pharmacy are leading the way to pioneer new frontiers even though reimbursements in todays marketplace are not sufficient. This is often the situation associated with new public policies that lag behind the champions. The goal of this proposal is to establish a Pharmacy Transformation Initiative to provide the pathway or blueprint for pharmaciespharmacists prepared to take the first step but lag behind the champions and leaders. They are willing but lack a proven overall strategic plan. This Initiative will provide direct assistance to a model pharmacy that is willing to move forward but lacks this strategic plan. A collaborative will be established to provide this needed assistance. This collaborative will include the state pharmacy association, the 3 colleges of pharmacy in Michigan and a college of medicine representative. A panel of three or four pharmacy champions will be appointed and provided a stipend to assist the model pharmacy implement first generation expanded services including: patient education services for chronic diseases, immunizations, medication synchronization, CMRs and at least three programs funded by CPF such as rapid strep testing, travel medicine services and the One Minute Clinic project. Upon completion of this proposal the model pharmacy will move into Phase II services and the blueprint defined and refined for a test on a broader scale through funding to be pursued from CMS, HHS andor other philanthropic foundations. This then could well become a model to advance the profession on a national level as the value becomes even further identified by health plans recognizing the need to establish reimbursement for such essential services as part of the medical plan and not just the drug program . A national movement must be part of the professions strategy beyond just embellishing the champions who are currently taking the lead, for in the absence of a national pharmacy network established to meet these expanded patient care needs they will be met by other providers or systems.
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  • Applicant:
    Louis Sesti
    Pharmacy Transformation Initiative