Grant Title: Comprehensive analysis of Error-prone Medications in Electronic Prescribing
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2016
University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy
Cincinnati, Ohio
Grant Category
Medication Management, Safety & Quality
E-prescribing, quality
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The overall purpose of this study is to improve electronic prescribing e-Rx medication safety. We will do this by combining and evaluating e-Rx error reports submitted by community pharmacists to two national error-reporting systems. Although previous studies have generated recommendations for systems changes to prevent e-Rx errors, these studies have used primarily qualitative data. Additionally, an increasing number of national stakeholders, such as Surescripts, have delineated software recommendations for e-prescription orders. Yet, it is unknown the extent to which adoption of these recommendations can impact e-Rx medication safety. This project will be the first to combine and quantify e-Rx errors reported to two error reporting systems: the Pharmacy and Provider prescribing Experience Reporting Portal PEER Portal, and the Pharmacy Quality Commitment PQC system. From 2011 to date, collectively these systems have received approximately 100,000 reports of e-Rx nationally , which provide robust information to develop best practices for community pharmacist based on volume, frequency, and risk level, and to validate software recommendations for e-prescription order design. The specific four objectives for this project are to:Develop an e-Rx high risk error list based on reports submitted to the PQC and Peer Portal systems, Generate best practice recommendations for community pharmacists and prescribers of the most e-Rx error-prone medications, Compare e-Rx errors identified PQC and Peer Portal systems to the Surescripts best practice e-Rx recommendations to determine the rate of e-Rx prescribing errors that could be prevented if Surescripts recommendations were adopted, and Re-design and re-open the PEER Portal.
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  • Applicant:
    Ana Hincapie
    University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy