Grant Title: Integrating Pharmacist Support for Thriving in Place Home Health Program
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2017
Dragatsi Co.
Waterville, Maine
Grant Category
Medication Management, Safety & Quality
Thriving in Place, Home Health
Grant Docs
Poster | Tool - Falls | Tool - MTM MAR | Tool - MTM Self-Monitoring | Tool - Pain Assm Overview | Tool - Pain Assm Overview | Poster | Poster | CPF Synopsis | Form - CPA (Word) | Form - BAA (Word) | Tool - OTC Pain Med Options | Tool - Regimen Changes
  1. To support and improve thriving in place healthcare efforts by introducing and building pharmacist driven and supervised services.
  2. To promote patient-driven and centered methods for improving medication management, and have these methods detected and refined for future patient selection.
  3. To successfully integrate pharmacist medication management efforts into the existing reimbursement structure to ensure sustainability of service provision.
  4. To train pharmacy students to collaborate with patients, caregivers, pharmacies and providers using time-efficient tools and motivational interviewing skills to process deliverables.
  5. To share successes, lessons learned, and outcomes data with pharmacists, providers, healthcare networks, legislators, and healthcare quality organizations to further the agenda of expanding pharmacist practice as providers.
  6. To demonstrate reduction in healthcare spending burden using recent literature calculation models when a pharmacist engages the patient in medication management and thereby identifies and eliminates sources of adverse drug effects and interactions.
  7. To make a positive contribution to population health of underserved areas with associated low health scores at baseline.
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  • Applicant:
    Elizabeth Dragatsi
    RPh BCPS
    Dragatsi Co.