Grant Title: Integrating a Pharmacy Technician into Medication Therapy Management Workflow
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2018
Goodrich Pharmacy
Anoka, Minnesota
Grant Category
Pharmacy Management & Ownership
MTM Workflow, Pharmacy Technicians
Grant Docs
Workflow Template | CPF Synopsis
This project aims to incorporate a certified pharmacy technician into the workflow of the community and ambulatory MTM practices at an independently owned, suburban community pharmacy. The main objective is to use the technician to provide follow up to patients after they have reached their health-related goals during their visits with MTM pharmacists. Many patients do well while they are being followed closely by the clinical pharmacist, but often their chronic diseases such as diabetes are not as well managed when they do not have a provider, in this case a pharmacist, following up with them on a regular basis. The goal of this study is to have the technician follow up with patients on a regular basis after they have met their health-related goal to ensure they are continuing to meet that goal and do not have any safety or adherence issues and refer back to the pharmacist if issues are identified. The secondary objective was to increase the number of MTM visits by 10 percent by using the technician to market MTM services to providers and patients.
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  • Applicant:
    Amanda Schroepfer
    PharmD, BCACP
    Goodrich Pharmacy

  • Team Member:
    Cory Middendorf
    PharmD MBA
    Goodrich Pharmacy