Grant Title: Evaluation of a Collaborative Pharmacy Practice Model for Community Pharmacist-Provided Chronic Care Management CCM Services
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2017
Tennessee Pharmacists Association
Nashville, Tennessee
Grant Category
Pharmacy Management & Ownership
Collaborative Practice, Billing
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Press Release | CPF Synopsis | Toolkit
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS created Chronic Care Management CCM services to incentivize and fund non-face-to-face care coordination for Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions. Chronic Care Management CPT 99490 is defined as at least 20 minutes per month of clinical staff time that involves managing a patients care and is directed by a physician or other qualified healthcare professional. CMS provided an exception to typical incident to billing requirements when delivering CCM services, by permitting general supervision instead of direct supervision. General supervision means the service is furnished under the physicians overall direction and control but the physicians presence is not required during the service. Thus, general supervision requirements allows for community pharmacist-provided CCM services in a community pharmacy setting. The objectives of this grant are to 1-Create a model for integration of a community pharmacist into a prescribers office 2-Develop and implement a collaborative pharmacy practice agreement CPPA and business associate agreement BAA between a community pharmacist and a prescriber to allow for the delivery of patient care services 3-Deliver Annual Wellness Visits AWV andor Initial Preventive Physical Examinations IPPE to new patients or patients not seen within one year prior to Chronic Care Management CCM enrollment 4-Enroll existing patients in CCM 5-Deliver CCM to enrolled patients on a monthly basis 6-Create a detailed implementation guide for the Community Pharmacy Foundation with tools and resources to assist community pharmacists in providing services through this model of care.
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  • Applicant:
    Aaron Garst
    Tennessee Pharmacists Association

  • Team Member:
    Micah Cost
    PharmD MS
    Tennessee Pharmacists Association