Grant Title: Home Medication Risk Reduction Program for Patients with Polypharmacy
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2020
University of Iowa College of Pharmacy
Iowa City, Iowa
Grant Category
Medication Management, Safety & Quality
Home Medication Management
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Community pharmacists are positioned to help patients living with multiple chronic conditions who engage in taking complex medication regimens and self-care tasks at home. These patients are particularly vulnerable to adverse drug events which can result in poor health outcomes and avoidable expenses. Most pharmacist-provided interventions have focused on identifying drug therapy problems but have not specifically accounted for the patients home environment where their medication-taking behaviors occur. This project will refine and test a tool to be administered by community pharmacies to screen, assess, and intervene on a set of risks related to home medication management and monitoring. Our long term goal is to provide community pharmacists with a potent tool and menu of activities that can be used for high-risk medication users to decrease the risks and costs associated with their medications. Specific objectives include:1. Testing patient and practitioner acceptability of the tool,2. Assessing the validity of the tool in identifying patients with risky home medication management, and3. Refining a set of actions to reduce patient risks during home medication management and use. This project addresses the goals of the CPF because the tool will develop a new capability for community pharmacists to help their patient optimize their medication therapy by focusing on their home medication management.
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  • Applicant:
    Matthew Witry
    PharmD, PhD
    University of Iowa College of Pharmacy

  • Team Member:
    Korey Kennelty
    PharmD, MS, PhD, BCGP
    The University of Iowa

  • Team Member:
    William Doucette
    University of Iowa