Grant Title: Maternal Health Services Set Implementation Toolkit
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2021
National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations
North Chesterfield, Virginia
Grant Category
Therapeutics, Diseases & Populations
Maternal Health
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Synopsis | Toolkit
Infant and maternal mortality, preterm birth, and unintended pregnancies are significant public health issues. Pharmacist-provided maternal health services can improve health care access, quality, and outcomes for women and infants and can reduce health disparities. Maternal health includes preconception, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy, and each phase of maternal health has unique needs, including those women who choose not to or are unable to have children. Allowing pharmacists to provide primary care services to pregnant women and those capable of pregnancy will positively impact public health by decreasing infant and maternal mortality, preterm birth, and unintended pregnancies. This proposal aims to develop an implementation guide and toolkit with resources and background information, potential models for execution, and solutions to challenges and barriers. The tool kit will include case studies and feedback from pharmacists who have pioneered implementation of these services for their patients in community pharmacies across the country. This toolkit will outline opportunities for pharmacists to contribute to the resolution of these serious public health issues and allow for seamless implementation within community pharmacies.
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  • Applicant:
    Rebecca Snead
    BPharm, CAE, FAPhA
    National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations