Year In Review - 2008

Date Released: Thursday, January 1, 2009

December 31, 2008

Year In Review - 2008

The Communty Pharmacy Foundation completed its 7th year of operations since announcing the availability of grant funding for projects and studies associated with advancing community pharmacy and patient care services provided by pharmacists.

The following report reflects a "capsulated review" of the Grants awarded by the CPF Board of Directors for the 2008 calendar year -


# Grant Applications Received
1/1/08 - 12/31/08

# Grant Applications Approved 
10/07 - 10/08

Grant Proposals Approved
10/07 - 10/08


19 (37.25%)

10 ($565,314)





GA / GP # PI / Affiliation Title $
305/69 Suzan Kucukarslan/Univ. of Michigan Market Analysis of Pharmacist Patient Care Services for Ambulatory Patients $97,171
337/70 Kari Trapskin/ Wisconsin Pharmacy Society Forging a Novel Private/public Payor-provider Partnership to Compensate Pharmacists for Quality-driven Standardized Levels of Medication Therapy Management Services $150,000
344/71 Albert I Wertheimer/Temple Mail Service Pharmacy: Are There Cost Savings to An Employer? $42,000
353/72 Marv Shepherd/Univ Texas Impact of Medicare Part D on Independent Community Pharmacies: A Comparison $40,000
(3 year)
360/73 Donna Hammack/Saint Elizabeth Foundation Pharmacy Asthma Allies $34,643
364/74 NCPA Protect Your Pharmacy Now! $35,000
370/76 Jim Owen/APhA The Value of Community Pharmacy Residency Training: Colleges of Pharmacy & Practice Site Perspectives $53,500
373/77 Sharon Landau/Pharmacy Access Partnership (CA) Health care with in reach: Pharmacy Access to Hormonal Contraception in California $50,000
375/- Fred Eckel/North Carolina Pharmacy Assoc. Use Medicines Safely Campaign in North Carolina $3,000
379/- Alana Podwika/Mountain Park Health Center (AZ) Assessing the Impact of Medication Therapy Management on patients with Low Health Literacy $60,000


GRANT FUNDING AWARDED - As of the end of 2008 - Following seven years of operation of the Community Pharmacy Foundation the Board of Directors has received 414 Grant Applications. Of these 175 were invited to submit a Grant Proposal from which 80 were awarded grant-funding support totaling over $3.5 million.