Date Released: Friday, February 1, 2013
2012  END  OF  YEAR … The CPF Board of Directors concluded 2012 calendar year awarding for the year 9 grants totaling over $375,000. From its inception in 2002 the Community Pharmacy Foundation has awarded almost $5 million for over 125 projects and studies focusing on community pharmacists advancing patient care services. Of this $5 million approximately 80% was awarded to college of pharmacy faculty working with practicing pharmacists to advance patient care services from community pharmacies. In recent years many of the premiere studies have also involved collaboration with health plans.
ACOs  &  PCMHs… three of the most grant awards by the Community Pharmacy Foundation involve state pharmacy associations and colleges of pharmacy in the respective state working with a developing Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and/or Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH).  ACOs and PCMHs are the newest health care organizations being established under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, championed by President Obama as one of his first legislative initiatives.
“It is critical for the pharmacy profession to seize this opportunity to continue to forge new frontiers associated with Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services from community pharmacists. The Community Pharmacy Foundation is proud to be leading the funding for research in cooperation with colleges of pharmacy and community pharmacists as this health care agenda evolves,” said CPF President Phil Burgess.
COMPLETED  GRANTS … two additional grants have completed their respective research and are now recorded on the CPF Website –
   1,  Michelle Chui,Pharm.D.,Ph.D  University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy
            “Physician Referral and Recommendation of Pharmacist Provided MTM Services”
Natasha Michaels, PharmD–Kerr Drug
            “Implementation of a Personalized Medicine Pharmacogenomics Service in a Community Pharmacy”
THE  INSIDER … a new feature on the Community Pharmacy Foundation Website is “The INSIDER.” This feature section provides quick reference information for persons interested in submitting a Grant Application to the Foundation. Included is the offer to assist any practicing pharmacist prepare a Grant Application for a project/study he or she wants to implement in their community pharmacy. Also included are numerous referral sites and links that will be of interest to pharmacists, as well as a quick reference of News & Bulletins from CPF.
AT   APhA … several CPF Board members and staff associated with CPF will be attending the American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting in Los Angles next month. All are available to talk with other pharmacists attending this national meeting to assist with any aspect of the Community Pharmacy Foundation.

CPF BOARD OF DIRECTORS … Phil Burgess, President, IL; Lonnie Hollingsworth, TX; Brian Jensen, WI; Linda MacLean, WA ; Dorinda Martin, TX; Randy Myers, OH; Carlos Ortiz, MA; Robert Osterhaus, IA  (and Executive Director Louis Sesti, MI)


CPF PHARMACY BROADCAST is available online directly by going to “Contact Us” on the CPF Website of in the “News” section of the Website.