CPF Provides The Following Grants and Grant Opportunities

The grant application and grant proposal process of the Community Pharmacy Foundation is a very easy one with very few stipulations, other than it must be associated or involved with Community Pharmacy Practice. It is a process that is open year round, virtually without limitation as to the nature of grant requests that are considered. The CPF grant process is detailed in the next section along with some frequently asked questions that will assist you... your grant application is invited and welcomed.

The Community Pharmacy Foundation is interested in soliciting research projects and demonstration projects that highlight new and emerging innovations in patient care. Submissions should include a compensation model for the care delivered.

Board Meeting Grant Applications
Matching Grants
Focus Grants
Incentive Grants
*For more information on CPF Grants, please visit our Types Of Grants page.
Understanding the CPF Grant Process

Learn about the Life Cycle of a CPF Grant. The grant process involves submitting an online Grant Application, and if approved by the Board a more detailed Grant Proposal is requested according to the criteria that would be outlined to you in a special memo. If your Grant Proposal is approved by the Board, you would receive a Grant Agreement to engage and would communicate with the CPF Grants Administrator who will monitor your progress and authorize issuance of grant dollars. Explore each stage of the CPF Grant LifeCycle to improve your understanding of the process and what is expected of applicants in this sections –

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Grant Assistance Information

The Community Pharmacy Foundation is developing a special Grant Assistance section of its Website to assist first-timers … in preparing a grant request. As you would expect it does require the applicant to have an idea for a special community pharmacy practice idea they wish to implement in their pharmacy or a faculty member to associated with a community pharmacy to implement a new special service or conduct a study of relevance to the entire "community" of pharmacy. 


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