Grant Title: Establishment of the DELTA Rx Institute Spirit of Change and Innovation.
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2009
Drake University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Des Moines, Iowa
Grant Category
Profession, Academics & Economics
Pharmacy Management
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DELTA Rx stands for the Drake Entrepreneurial Leadership Tools for the Advancement of Pharmacy Institute: Spirit of Change and Innovation. The objective of the DELTA Institute is to integrate the processes of entrepreneurship into pharmacy education and practice to facilitate the development of new products, processes, and practices that will enhance healthcare and society. The ultimate goal being to increase the value image of the profession of pharmacy as it is publicized and recognized that pharmacists have enhanced the overall quality of peoples lives. This Institute will establish a website www.DELTARx.com that highlights entrepreneurial pharmacy leaders, provides training and background on entrepreneurial leadership, and provides tools, courses, and other methods of enabling students, faculty, pharmacists, and companiescorporations to innovate and advance concepts into the market. Ultimately, this will be developed into an annual conference to bring the profession together to focus on developing new ideas and bringing the ideas to market. This conference will be highlighted by an endowed productbusiness concept competition to further aid in attaining the institutes mission. Pharmacists have a strong history of making significant contributions to the advancement of society, creating products including Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Gatorade and extending to compounded medicinal products, dandruff shampoos, marketing companies, and computer software products. This Institute will serve to ensure that strong tradition is continued, strengthened, and enhanced.

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Ongoing Impact
11/20/2020 - 10 Year Student Experience and Practice Improvement  
Supporting Documents: Ongoing Impact Document - 2020
  • Applicant:
    Renae Chesnut
    RPh, MBA, EdD
    Drake University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences