Grant Title: Development of a New Community Pharmacy Practice Model - Technician Product Verification
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2015
Iowa Pharmacy Foundation
Urbandale, Iowa
Grant Category
Pharmacy Management & Ownership
Pharmacy Practice Models
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Project objectives include creating a pharmacy practice model that fully utilizes the knowledge and expertise of pharmacists to improve patients health outcomes and provide a safer, more efficient and cost effective medication use system. This project will utilize a task force of pharmacists from community pharmacy pilot sites to work to identify and implement regulatory changes, practice considerations, documentation, and communication to providers and patients. Additionally, the collection of data will be used to measure pharmacists performance and patients health outcomes in pilot sites practicing under a new model of care vs. traditional community pharmacy sites. The new practice model is not yet fully defined, but will include increasing the role of technology and pharmacy technicians in prescription dispensing. The new practice model will be a collaboration with patients, health care providers, and payers to share responsibility for improving positive patient outcomes by expanding and integrating clinical pharmacy functions currently underutilized in the health care system.
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Ongoing Impact
3/20/2019 - NACDS Launches Online Resource to Aid States, Pharmacies in Optimizing Care  
Supporting Documents: Online Resource to Aid States, Pharmacies in Optimizing Care
  • Applicant:
    Kate Puetz Gainer
    Iowa Pharmacy Foundation

  • Team Member:
    Anthony Pudlo
    PharmD, MBA, MSHIA
    Tennessee Pharmacists Association

  • Team Member:
    Michael Andreski
    BSPh MBA PhD RPh
    Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences