Grant Title: The Key to Impacting Community Pharmacists Future: People Management, Conflict Management and Leadership Development
Grants Awarded Number
Grant Complete, 2021
The Leader Pharm
Livingston, Texas
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Profession, Academics & Economics
People Management, Leadership Development
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This project will provide content and coaching that will allow pharmacists to grow, strengthen and develop in the areas of people management, conflict management and leadership development. Using webinars, written documents and direct coaching, The Leader Pharm will teach pharmacists how to enhance their communication so that they can better interact with and influence patients, staff, supervisors, healthcare professionals, business leaders, payers and political leaders. Whenever we talk with pharmacists about the big struggles at their job, we never hear - I wish I knew how to talk to my patients about gaining better control of their diabetes.Or, I sure wish I could better explain the risks of long term opioid use to my pain management patients. What we do hear is that they are overworked, stressed and understaffed. Learning people management, conflict management and better leadership skills help reduce the pains associated with the stress and workload. Additionally, these skills are paramount when it comes to advancing the profession and getting paid for clinical services, whether that means convincing patients to utilize services or petitioning payers to reimburse for services.

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  • Applicant:
    Donnie Jordan
    The Leader Pharm