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Margie Snyder Pharmacy Management & Ownership
Location: Pennsylvania
Great Partners for Patients Project
Resources: CPF Synopsis
Publications: Res Social Adm Pharm | J Pharm Pract | J Am Pharm Assoc | Int J Pharm Educ
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Margie Snyder Medication Management, Safety & Quality
Location: Pennsylvania
Who is at Risk Identifying Patients in Need of Medication Therapy Management
Resources: CPF Synopsis | Report
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Margie Snyder
Team Member(s)
Wendy Lantaff, Alan Zillich, Heather Jaynes, Matthew Murawski
Profession, Academics & Economics
Location: Indiana
The Impact of Community Pharmacy-Delivered Medication Synchronization on Healthcare Utilization and Costs
Resources: Presentation | Poster | Poster | Synopsis
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