Grant Title: Rapid Strep A Testing with Prescriptive Authority
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Grant Complete, 2009
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Seattle, Washington
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Therapeutics, Diseases & Populations
Infectious Disease
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CPF Synopsis | Template | Report | Appendix 01 | Appendix 02 | Appendix 03 | Appendix 04 | Appendix 05 | Appendix 06 | Appendix 07 | Appendix 08 | Appendix 09
1. Provide timely, cost effective access to rapid strep testing and offer immediate antibiotic therapy to patients who test positive, thereby shortening the clinical course of the illness. 2. Provide comprehensive counseling about strep throat, proper administration of antibiotic regimen, and side effects. 3. Reduce antibiotic resistance through proper antibiotic selection and patient follow-up that encourages adherence. 4. Facilitate communication and teamwork between the pharmacy and patients healthcare practitioner by providing necessary rapid strep testing documentation and collaboration. 5. Promote rapid strep testing and other pharmacist care activities to the medical community, patients, and other community pharmacies. 6. Assist other community pharmacies with establishing a rapid strep testing protocol. 7. Evaluate the impact of pharmacist interventions, quality of care, and value of service, then publish outcomes associated with rapid strep testing service thus establishing the value of community pharmacy practice as an essential component in the healthcare delivery system.
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  • Applicant:
    Holly Henry
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